Meet some of our Principal Officers

Below are some of our principal officers at the ministry


Builder Yusuf Abiona                     –           Ag. Head of Local Government Administration

Mr. Adisa Sarafadeen                      –           Ag. Director of Administration and General Services

Mr. Ajibola Rotimi                           –           Ag. Director of Finance

Alhaji Saheed Opeloyeru                –           Ag. Director of Agric

Sanitarian Tijani Abiodun              –           Ag. Director of Environmental

Mrs. Opaleye Foluke                       –           Ag. Director of Education and Social Services

Mr. Oladosu Ebenezer                     –          Ag. Director of Budget Planning Research & Statistics

Mrs. Abdul Salam Rofiat                –           Ag. Director of Primary Health Care

Engr. Babalola Femi                        –          Ag. Director of Works

Mr. Adewole Kayode                      –          Ag. Internal Auditor

Mrs. Ogungbayi Titi                         –        Ag. Deputy Director of Administration and General Services.

Mrs. Olagbenro Sakirat                   –        Ag. Deputy Director of Education and Social Services

Mrs. Raheem                                     –       Ag. Deputy Director of Works

Mrs. Okunlola Folasade                  –        Ag. Deputy Treasurer

Mr. Ajadi Aderemi                           –        Ag. Head of Estate

Surveyor Adedokun Isiaka             –        Ag. Head of Survey

Mr. Abdul Adebayo Quadri            –        Ag. Establishment Officer

Mrs. Abdul Ganiyu Modinat Nike –         Ag. Information Officer.

And other hardworking officials who work behind the scene to ensure the ministry succeeds.

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